How to Use Essential Oils to Manage Migraine

How to Use Essential Oils to Manage Migraine

I remember my reaction when someone would suggest a natural remedy for my debilitating migraine disease.

“They were one of those people who thought a migraine is just a headache,” I would quickly assume. They clearly had no idea on just how debilitating migraine can be – the sensitivity to every light and sound, nausea and vomiting, and the pain.

Like many others, migraine often landed me in the emergency room. But I got to a place of realization that despite my doctor’s best efforts, I was still experiencing debilitating migraine attacks. I was still on board with his plan for care, but I realized I needed to be proactive in preventing migraine attacks.

That’s when my eyes were opened to a world of holistic care and natural remedies – yup, the ones that I had been dismissing. To my surprise, food, yoga, and essential oils ultimately became my best strategies for reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

Essential oils seem to be the least understood, but can be extremely effective remedies, in the context of holistic care. So I’d love to shed some light on them for the migraine community.

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